I had the honor of being involved in the making of a Fashion Film Produced by the incredibly talented Elena Velez and directed by Kyle Kadow & Steven Cleavland. Keep scrolling to view a handful of my shots from the project.

Machine Shop from Kyle Kadow on Vimeo.

“Thanks to the city’s large industrial base, “Milwaukee was the “Machine Shop to the World,” factories quickly retooling and mobilizing for wartime production”.

Over 5 days, with a community crowd-sourced budget, over 25 multidisciplinary Milwaukee artists created Machine Shop, released in tandem with the capsule collection And Carry On. Working with an array of local shops, boutiques, and community artisans, Machine Shop captures the industrial beauty of Milwaukee through 6 iconic locations specific to the inspiration of the adjunct fashion collection. The film is organized into vignettes relative to the themes of the collection including architecture, warfare, and femininity, and is accompanied by spoken word written and recited by Bethany Price.


Brought to life by Casey Dietrich, Kayla Shaw, Isabella Scaffidi, Valerie Lighthart, Natalia Moryns, Kayla Lee Brooks, Shauna Stamm, Luis Alfredo Leah Nasgowitz, Kat Kruszynski, Maya Samara, Aria Pedraza, Chelsey Plutshack, Taylor Underwood, Bethany Price, Joshua Yang, Peder Cho, Lucas Alamo, Weston Rich, Darius Smith, JoJo West, Alvin Connor, Alex Weyer, Amanda Mills, Mic O’mally, Holly Church, Oliver Prime, Trayvon Richardson, Jason O’Neill, Katrina Vrakas, Ryan Butts, Ariana Vaeth, Brendan Murphy, Dylan Hartwig

Special thanks SigmaTech Metalworks, LaFarge, Lindsey Cold Storage, Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, Plume Vintage, Milworks, Tried and True Leather Goods, Among The Prime, & Merch Man